Frigger v5 + Joft

3 ratings
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Frigger v5 + Joft

3 ratings

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About Joft

A Soft selection based quick rig box.

Joft is a script for Autodesk Maya. It helps to convert the soft selection into skin weights to the selected joint, And it has other features like skinning multiple joints, Create a new joint from soft selection and just create a new joint over the selected vertex.

It makes rigging/skinning a fun thing.

The script creates joints over the previous skin cluster or creates a new one automatically, So it will work with unrigged models as well as fully finished rigs.

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ABOUT Frigger

An easy and quick facial rigging solution for Maya

Frigger is a script for Maya that will help you to easily create a Facial Rig for any character. It’s really quick that you can generate a full rig within a few clicks!. It can be a human-looking or a cartoon character, Frigger will work seamlessly.

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  • *UPDATED* Frigger and Joft are now working on Maya 2014 to 2023.
  • Works with Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Once you bought them You can use them for personal and commercial work.
  • Available for download only via Gumroad or CgKode.
  • If you have any issues, feedback or/and suggestions feel free to send us a message on email: contact@cgkode.com
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